How to get ready for an appointment

Patients reporting for their first appointment are requested to:

  • Bring their medical documentation (hospital files, test results (EEG, CT scan of the head, hormone levels, blood tests).


  • Provide all information concerning prior out- or in-patient treatment.


All that information is necessary, as I strive to assess, during the diagnostic appointment, whether the mental condition of the patient is not directly caused by other illnesses. This is of paramount importance in those patients who are dealing with mental disorders for the very first time. Should a need arise, additional tests are ordered.

Appointments with pediatric patients (up to the age of 18):

  • Children and youths ALWAYS report to appointments with their parent(s) or a legal guardian.


  • The first appointment of a person who is under 18 years of age is divided into two stages taking place in quick succession. At the beginning, I interview the parent to collect information about the child’s development (I recommend to bring the child’s medical record book and other health-related documents). The medical examination of the child takes place next.




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