Full discretion is ensured.

In most cases, one finds it difficult to make the decision to seek help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist. We fear being brandished by the community we live in, are afraid of being rejected or are simply ashamed of what others might think about us. However, mental problems are difficult to deal with on your own and usually require relying on the assistance of an expert. Luckily enough, the attitude of the society is changing, and psychiatric or psychotherapeutic counselling is perceived as acceptable and needed.

I only collect information that is essential for the treatment process.

I act in accordance with the professional standards set forth in the Code of Medical Ethics.

I am legally obliged to keep the documentation of my patients. Their files are strictly confidential (just as are other pieces of information related to the patient), are kept under strict supervision and may only be made available upon an explicit consent of the patient, solely to those who are authorized by the patient.



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